Please note, all my plugins are available on the repository for free.

Admin Pages

This plugin allows users to add menu items/pages to the admin area.
With Admin Pages you are able to add pages in the admin area that show up in the admin menu.
You can change the text in the menu, the page content, the menu position, as well as the menu icon.

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WP Shortcode Creator

This plugin allows users to create and customize shortcodes to their liking
With Shortcode Creator you are able to create shortcodes to be used anywhere in the wordpress system.
You can simply use the wordpress rich text editor to customize your shortcodes output without needing to know a single line of code.

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Video Dropdown

This is a tool to create a dropdown box to select YouTube videos.
The dropdown changes the embedded youtube video and it's settings in real time. No need for a page reload.

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